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        Basic Info

        Basic Info

        Event Name   LED CHINA 2022
        Opening Dates   2022.2.20-22
        Venue   Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

        Floor Plan


        About LED CHINA


        Founded in 2005, LED CHINA is the initiator of international LED exhibition. Located in the world’s production hub of LED displays- Shenzhen, China, the exhibition brings together not only all top LED vendors, but also the most potential and qualitied ones on the market, offers numbers choices for those who looking for new partners.

        With 17-year’s cultivation, LED CHINA today is no longer a trade show that only for LED industry. It consolidates LED display’s vertical and horizontal markets into one single event with 6 pavilions - commercial displays, LED displays, digital signage, systems integration, stage lighting & audio, commercial lighting. The show creates visitors a chance to experience and see the full gamut of sound, light, visual and peripheral solutions for serval application fields.


        Exhibit Profile of 6 Exhibition Topic

        • Commercial Displays

          Display technologies in commercial uses.

          Commercial TV,

          LCD Panels,

          Large Format Interactive Screen,



          Interactive Whiteboard (IWB),

          Laser Projector,

          3D Hologram,


          Photoelectric Material

        • LED Displays

          LED displays for various application fields.

          Fine Pitch/Transparent/Customized-Shape/Advertising/Rental/Stage/Interative Floor displays, video wall.

          Video Control System,


          LED power supply, LED packing, and related accessories.

        • Digital Signage

          All Kinds of kiosk,

          interactive touch screen,

          advisement players,

          Smart Terminals,

          order machine,

          Self-help service machine,

          face recognition,

          Intelligent meeting tablet

        • System Integration

          AV Integrated System,

          Video Conferencing,

          Public Broadcasting,

          Stage Systems,

          Audio, and sound solution,



        • Staging

          LED rental screen,

          Stage Lighting,


          Lighting Control Console,

          Laser and System,

          Wire, Connectors and Accessories,

          Truss and Hanging Device

        • Commercial Lighting

          Architectural Lighting,

          LED Advertising Illuminant,


          Decorative Outdoor Lighting

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