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        The World's Preeminent LED Exhibition

        Systems Integration

        2022.2.20-22 | Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Futian District

        Based on the business domains of our visitors, LED CHINA incorporated the exhibits from several vertical markets into one single pool, along with integrated solutions for difference business.

        Exhibition Sectors

        Why Join Us?

        ?The earliest event of the year

        LED CHINA 2022 is scheduled right after lunar new year, the big season for product launch, join us and be the first one to learn what’s new on the market.

        ?Explore the world’s LED production hub – China

        China is well known as the biggest production hub for LED display, and over 80~90% LED brands are in Shenzhen city.

        ?Top brands you cannot miss for advance display technology

        All big name gathered under one roof, such as TCL, Hisense, Huawei, Skyworth, Konka, Samsung, Sony, BOE, Leyard, Unilumin, Crestron, Taiden.

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