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        How to get to Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center?

        Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center is the only center in China that located in the central business district. It provides a wide range of accommodation choices within walking distance and easy access to travel around the city.


        Station: Convention & Exhibition Center (Line 1 & 4)

        Exit D, 10mins walk to the exhibition center

        ? Shenzhen Metro Map: http://jtapi.bendibao.com/ditie/inc/sz/xianluda.gif

        ? Fare/Transfer Search: https://www.szmc.net/szmc_en

        Bus Stops Nearby

        ? Near North Gate (Futian 3rd Road): 38、 50、56、71、80、109、214、221、353、369、373、375、391

        ? Near East Gate (Jintian Road):34、50、K113

        ? Near South Gate (Binhe Road): 229、337、382、353、369、J1

        ? Near West Gate (Yitianzhong Road):15、35、64、71、73、80、235、374

        High-Speed Railway

        ? Arrive at Shenzhen North Station, transfer Metro Line 4 (Refer to Metro Guide above)

        ? Arrive at Shenzhen Station, transfer Metro Line 1 (Refer to Metro Guide above)

        ? Arrive at Futian Station, 15 mins walk to the exhibition center

        Ticket for High-speed Railway: https://www.12306.cn/en/index.html


        Bao'an International Airport

        Take Metro Line 11 to Futian Station(the terminal station), 15mins walk to the exhibition center


        Beside above public transportation, you could also take a Taxi or hail a car online to arrive at the exhibition center. Please copy the venue name to destination bar or show it to Taxi driver as below.

        Convention & Exhibition Center


        How to get to the expo from Guangzhou?

        ? Take Guangzhou Metro Line 1, get off Guangzhou East Railway Station and catch high speed train to Shenzhen Station. It takes around 1 hour and 34 minutes & CNY79.5.
        ? Take Guangzhou Metro Line 2, get off Guangzhou South Railway Station and catch high speed train to Shenzhen Futian Station, walks around 15 minutes to reach the Exhibition Center & CNY79.5, or take Shenzhen Metro Line 4 to reach the Exhibition Center if get off Shenzhen North Station.

        How to get to Hong Kong from the exhibition center?

        ? Walk to "Convention & Exhibition Center" station, take Metro Line 1 to "Luohu" station and go through the Customs.
        ? Walk to Shenzhen Futian station, take high speed train to Kowloon Station (14 mins & CNY68)