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        Visitor Guide

        A Complete Guide for Visiting LED CHINA 2021

        Time & Dates

        9:00am ~ 5:30pm 14-16 April


        Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (Hall 1 & 2)

        Add: Fu Hua Third Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China

        Exhibitor List

        Click here to get information about our exhibitors in advance.

        Onsite Directional Map

        Hall 1: LED Displays, Pro Light & Sound, Commercial Displays, Digital Signage, LED Light Illuminate and Lighting, etc.

        Hall 2: AV Integrated Systems, Pro Light & Sound, etc.

        Ways to Get Admission

        If you registered online before

        ? Scan following QR code

        ? Input register Mobile number or Email address

        ? Get back the visit QR code

        Tips: Save the visit QR code to Mobile in advance.

        If you haven’t registered yet

        ? Scan the following QR code via Wechat

        ? Take 1min to register

        ? Get the visit QR code and enter the hall with it


        The paper registration form is not available onsite. It is recommended to register in advance.
        Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, please register with real name and take along your passport or personal ID.

        Transportation Guide


        Station: Convention & Exhibition Center (Line 1 & 4)

        Exit: D, 10mins walk to the exhibition center

        Ticket and direction for Metro:


        High-speed Railway

        Shenzhen North Station, transfer Metro Line 4 (Refer to Metro Guide above)

        Shenzhen Station, transfer Metro Line 1 (Refer to Metro Guide above)

        Futian Station, 15mins walk to the exhibition center

        Ticket for High-speed Railway:



        Bao’an International Airport

        Take Metro Line 11 to Futian Station(the terminal station), 15mins walk to the exhibition center


        Beside above public transportation, you could also take a Taxi or hail a car online to arrive at the exhibition center. Please copy the venue name to destination bar or show it to Taxi driver as below.

        Convention & Exhibition Center


        Dining Guide

        In Exhibition Center

        Food Court on Floor B1

        Around Exhibition Center

        Varity of restaurant distribute in Shopping Mall around the exhibition center, such as Wongtee Plaza and Coco Park.


        Click here to find a comfortable hotel.

        Floor Plan

        Click here to find a comfortable hotel.

        If you need any help onsite, please find us at info counter in Hall 1.

        Wish you have a nice trip at LED CHINA 2021!