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        What You Need to Prepare

        What You Need to Prepare

        Every city has different requirements. If you are planning a trip and want to know more specifically about what needs to be prepared, please check below.

        Necessary Items for All Cities:

        ? Green health codes of your location and destination

        ? Mask

        ? Passport

        Others Requirements:

        Every city in China has slightly different requirements for foreign travelers, but our travel advisors will tell you the documents you need according to your specific destinations. Here are some items you may be required to provide:

        ? 14-day record of travel itinerary

        ? Health inquiry form provided by hotels

        ? Passport and most recent China entry stamps

        ? Nucleic acid test results

        ? Entry and exit certificate

        ? Accommodation registration form for foreign nationals

        ? Certificate of employment

        Different provinces or cities have their own green code which can be found in different mini-programs or apps. You are required to obtain the green codes of both your current location and your destination. It is necessary to apply for the green code of your travel destination in advance because you are required to show it upon arrival.

        Source: China Highlights