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        Why Visit

        LED CHINA

        The World's Preeminent LED Exhibition Series

        20-22 February 2022 | Physical & Virtual Exhibition

        Make the most of your visit with LED CHINA 6 technology pavilions

        LED CHINA 2022 will continuously go further with LED display and the vertical area around it. Based on the interest of the businesses of our visitors, there will be 6 pavilions focusing on different technology sectors presented – commercial displays, LED displays, digital signage, systems integration, stage lighting & audio, commercial lighting. What it creates is a one-stop platform for visitors who looking for total solutions, and an opportunity to see the interplay among these sectors.

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        With more technology sectors are introduced into the exhibition, there will be more big names we can expect.

        —— 2022 Partial Exhibitors ——

        Explore the world's LED production hub with us!

        You might have heard that China is the biggest LED production hub in the world, but you might don't know that about 80~90% of LED companies are located in Shenzhen city. LED CHINA in Shenzhen provides you numerous options for quality LED vendors, as well as chances to approach all the big names in LED industry.

        - LED CHINA 2022 Prospect -

        • 2,000 Exhibitors

        • 100,000㎡ Exhibition Area

        • 80,000 Buyers

        • 40 Conferences & Forums

        *Above are projected figures

        Get the LED and audio-visual solutions for multiple end-user markets.

        • E-Sports

        • Entertainment

        • Command & Control Rooms

        • Retail Environments

        • Venues & Architecture

        • Conference & Multimedia

        • Broadcasting

        • City View

        Perfect Facilities Around the Exhibition Hall

        Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center is the only exhibition center in China that located in the central business district. It provides a wide range of accommodation choices within walking distance and easy access to travel around the city.

        Know more about transportation information.